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Health Resources for Floods


Did you know that NLM carries out disaster R&D?

NLM Virtual Reality Disaster Health Preparedness Training leverages simulation, computer gaming, and instructional design technologies to support disaster preparedness training needs of the health workforce.

BHEPP Military Auxiliary Radio System Emergency Radio System (BMERS) provides internet email that works (via radio) even if there is not a live internet connection for miles around.

Disaster Lit: Resource Guide for Disaster Medicine and Public Health logo
Disaster Lit®: The Resource Guide for Disaster Medicine and Public Health

Guide to disaster medicine and public health literature and related information.

PubMed logo

Database of biomedical journal citations and abstracts.

WISER graphic logo
WISER: Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders

System to assist first responders and first receivers in hazardous material incidents.
Now with CHEMM content.

REMM graphic logo
REMM: Radiation Emergency Medical Management

Guidance about clinical diagnosis and treatment of radiation injuries during radiological and nuclear emergencies.

CHEMM graphic logo
CHEMM: Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management

Guidance on planning, response and recovery related to chemical mass casualty incidents.